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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Bird Riddles

We noticed last week that there was a big flock of birds that have nested on a row of trees in front of our block of apartments. We could hear their noisy chirping. From out of our windows, they look black with a tinge of shimmering blue. We couldn't make out what birds they were. So on Thursday, we decided to check them out.

Here in Singapore, the common birds we see around our estate are sparrows, mynas, crows and black-naped orioles. Higher up at 15 floors above ground, we see swallows fly by and occasionally, olive-backed sunbirds will visit the flowers in our balcony.

True enough, the birds perched on those trees turned out not to be the usual birds we normally see. They were the Asian Fairy Bluebirds. They are dark blue (well at least in the shade they look dark blue) with red eyes. There were so many of them!

We came back home, inspired to relearn the names of the birds in Singapore. I have previously made a set of Montessori 3-part cards of common birds here. These are so handy to just pull out for reviews!

As we were matching our bird cards, D suddenly got excited and blurted out a riddle that he had just composed. Subsequently, more riddles rolled out. He decided to make up 10 such bird riddles so that he could post them on his blog.

I helped by pointing out birds with interesting names. HE did the thinking. Some he came up with were dead giveaways. So I just said so plainly. He would then think of another.

I think he did a pretty good job! I have asked him for permission to post them here. Enjoy.

Bird Riddles

1. Which bird is the richest bird?

The Dollarbird.

(Me: Will you be rich with a dollar?!

D: Well, at least it has a dollar. The other birds don't even have a dollar.)

2. Which bird hates to chew its food (the most)?

The Swallow.

3. Which bird can turn very well?

The Tern.

4. Which is a miner's favourite pet bird?

The Myna.

5. Which bird has 102 eyes?

The Peacock.

(You will have to read up on some Greek Myths to know how THAT came about ;-) )

6. Which bird loves to eat Oreo biscuits?

The Oriole.

7. Which bird makes a good postman?

The Pigeon.

8. Which bird loves to play badminton?

The Racket-tailed Drongo.

9. Which bird do you go to if you want a tuxedo?

The Tailorbird.

10. Which bird can turn its head all the way to the back?

The Owl.

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  1. Sarah,

    Thanks for the website. This is so inspiring! Will log into your website often to kickstart myself on educating Kayden and Kristen.


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