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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Art: Skies

I am always spellbound by the beauty of God's art work. Just look at how he paints the sky! This picture is taken from our window.

Here are my boys' attempt at capturing some of such brilliance.

We used a mixtures of 3 different techniques:

1. Sunset
Wet wash and blending
2. Cumulus Clouds
Clouds are white and left unpainted.
Cloud rounded on the top and flatten underneath. Clouds nearer the horizon are thinner.
Layering by adding raw sienna onto the base of the clouds while paint is still wet.
3. Stratus Cumulus / Cirrus Clouds
Wet wash and blotting damp wash with dry brush or crumpled tissue.
This little exercise was a side projects in our Jan Van Eyck study. He was known to be very observant of his surroundings and so our little artists were challenged to paint something of their own surroundings!

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