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Saturday, September 19, 2009

Light (part 2)

Here are two optical instruments we made while we were on the topic of "Light".

This is our periscope made by cutting and re-shaping a cereal box. It was painted white so it will camouflage with our white walls. ;-)

I found a place that sold little pieces of mirror quite by accident! God's providence! The periscope turned out to be a wonderful toy for play and my boys are now begging to make another extremely long one so they could spy on each other when they are on different decks of their bunk bed. What a practical application?!

This is our second instrument; a pin-hole camera made from a cream cracker tin. We wrapped blue paper around it and decorated it with gold stars to give it a whimsical look.

This is an example of what we looked at.

And the inverted image on the screen (made of tracing paper).

Here are some pointers if you want to make a pin-hole camera too:
  • Use a big tin if possible
  • Line the interior of the tin with black paper
  • Pin-sized hole will produce quite a dim image; a toothpick-sized hole worked better for us. (the bigger the hole, the larger your camera has to be)
  • Design a way to move your screen in or out so that you can get the image in focus
  • Image will appear clearer if your eyes are cupped.

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