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Sunday, August 17, 2008

Science : Observing the Partial Lunar Eclipse

Last night we stayed up through the night (well... almost - from 2 am to 6.30am) to view the partial lunar eclipse.

We laid our picnic mats on the open field in front of our block, laid on our comfortable cushions, viewed the moon through our binoculars, snacked and chit chat through the night. We also sketched the moon periodically to take note of its changes. It was a precious time with my boys.

We were at first spooked out by passersby as the quiet of the night makes the slightest sounds unusually loud. But as we settled down, we had so much fun that I forgot to take a picture of us in our comfortable poses!

A friend who heard about what we did asked us why didn't we just google and find video clips of the eclipse on the internet instead of going through all that "hassle". But I think sitting through the eclipse was a completely different and unforgettable experience that we will treasure for a long time. No regrets really... in fact I plan to do it again...

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