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Friday, December 12, 2008

History : Mapping Out Alexander's Invasions

My boys were intrigued with Alexander and his invasions and conquests. We have decided to map out the main points of his conquest. The book You Wouldn't Want To Be In Alexander the Great's Army! by Antram and Morley was the book that first sparked this idea off.

We found the etext of The Story of Greece by Mary Macgregor in the Baldwin Project website. This book has a few chapters regarding Alexander the Great. This together with a few other library books were the main source of our latest project.

We presented everything in a 3-fold lapbook. The boys sieved through all the books and webpages to pick out key points at each location of Alexanders journey. They typed these down in a Word document. They also googled to find pictures to correspond with their write-ups. Grandad helped with printing them on his colour printer. I helped with the layout.

Here is what we have gathered and put together.

These are the events we zoomed in on:
1. The Battle of Granicus
2. The Battle of Issus
3. The Battle of Tyre
4. The Conquest of Egypt
5. The Battle of Gaugamela
6. The Battle of Persepolis
7. The Battle at Hydraspes River
8. The Death of Alexander in Babylon

Can you tell how crazy my boys are about Alexander? :-)

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