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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

HTML : Happily Talking about My Learning

I am learning new things this week so I thought I'd better jot them down before I forget.

As you know I have started a blog for each of my two boys. Recently, I discovered a wonderful site that has great free blog templates. D was quick to pick one that he liked. But B was just super picky. He didn't like any of the 500 or so templates! He just is crazy about blue and wants something that is in line with his blog theme; which was sea, sky, bay or beach.

For a while, his blog was more plain as compared to his brother's. I decided to serve the net to find out if I could find something to spruce up his blog. I had in mind a water and sand background and I found the exact textures I wanted on this website that has an extremely wide range of textures.

I learnt how to create a background with pictures using the instructions from these site. (arranged in order of usefulness to me)
I learnt how to meddle with transparency of backgrounds from this site.
B is very happy with his water and sand background. So am I! I feel a tremendous sense of achievement to be able to create THAT from having no knowledge in html to begin with.

I am now in the process of figuring out how to add little ornaments (like some starfish or shells...) on the background. I have been running into problems with resizing when I upload my pictures and also with transparency/positioning.

If I can just figure ALL these out then maybe one day I might just start designing my own templates! Hahaha... Well, it is good to dream...

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