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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Walking in the Water

We were planning to go for our Nature Walk around our estate one day when it poured. The boys were disappointed. From our windows we observed that there were many birds on the field in front of our block. We made a hypothesis about why this is so. We thought that the birds might be after earthworms or other yummy stuff. Animals that burrow underground would be forced to surface when the field became water-logged.

Despite the rain, we decided to check it out. Armed with umbrellas, buckets, shovels and nets, we headed to the flooded field. We didn't find any earthworms but found a few centipedes instead. We caught these and brought them home to observe and draw.

We counted and found that the centipede has 20 segments. Each segment has a pair of appendages.

We explored around a bit and found a great big "river" and "waterfall". That's where slippers and buckets got intentionally washed away amidst much splashing. We have the "commendable" drainage system to thank for the fun we had!

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