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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Art : Watercolour Pencil Demonstration Using the Stinking Toe

I wanted to introduce , my boys to watercolour pencils as a painting medium for their nature drawing. I have been looking out for an opportunity to show them step by step how it can be done.

When we picked up the pod of the West Indian Locust Tree aka Stinking Toes during our Wild Hour, I knew I have a good subject to use. I have taken care to take a picture of each step of the way so I could post here. I wanted a subject that has a simple outline and one that also does not have too much colours (colours can be very distracting).

Step 1
  • Sketch the general shape with a pencil.
  • Colour using watercolour pencil the area with intense colour.
  • This is what you will end up with. (I know it looks funny at this point.)

Step 2
  • Wet a brush in clean water.
  • Lightly brush over the coloured areas. Use deliberate strokes. If brush is loaded with more colour than needed, wash brush before brushing light washes over other areas.
  • When most areas have been lightly brushed, wash the brush again.
  • This time, blend in colours where needed. This is the time to push colour around (but take care not to over do it otherwise you will end up with an even hue all throughout).
  • This is what you will end up with.
  • Let the painting dry.

Step 3
  • This step can only be done when the painting has dried COMPLETELY.
  • Use a black ink pen to stipple and shade where needed.
  • You may add in additional colour to change the tone a little (Here, I lightly coloured a brown over the painting.)
  • DONE!!!

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