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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Our Winged Visitor

Thanks to the help of my little gardeners, who have been faithfully watering my plants in the balcony, my flowering plants are blooming lusciously! I LOVE to peer out at our mini-garden from our "school-room".

Sometimes when we are hard at work, we would hear the familiar twittering sounds of our winged visitors. We would abandon our work and creep noiselessly toward the glass door to observe their nectar-collecting sessions.

They are the Olive-backed sunbirds. These sunbirds have been visiting our flowers but this is the first time I manage to take a picture of one. Still, it isn't as clear as I would have liked. Since we live in a concrete jungle, these surprise visits are moments that we get excited about.

Boy! Am I glad I have a balcony?! Wished I had a garden. I'd plant vegetables, fruit trees and of course lots of flowering plants that I can harvest for the table and for floral bouquets. Here I go dreaming again... ... ...


  1. Totally understand how you feel. Once a yellow bird flew into my balcony and I was so happy that I didn't dare move, but just sat on my sofa to watch it. :)

  2. Lucky you! your balcony looks really pretty. =) for the longest time, the sunbirds haven't visited my place. Ithey seem to have a particular liking for certain flowers, esp those bright red funnel-shaped ones - that's my guess. sarah, right or not?

  3. Hey ezmum! That yellow bird that flew into your balcony is likely the Olive-backed sunbird! It is mostly yellow with a slight olive green on its back.

    Alice. We read that birds are attracted to anything red. Fake red flowers will bring them in too but of course giving them a treat will ensure they come again ;-)


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