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Saturday, February 7, 2009

My Blogging Secrets... ... ... Revealed

I haven't posted much in the last week. I feel sorry for not posting but in the overall picture of my life, this blog is not my top priority. Having said that, I am still committed to updating it. And it continues to serve as a record of what we have done for school. Most importantly, I enjoy blogging!

I noticed, since this is not a personal blog, few readers are actually concerned with the "newness" of my posts. Most are here purely to get information and it really doesn't matter to them whether what I wrote was done/happened yesterday or a month ago. So with this knowledge, I am not pressured to report our latest endeavours!

What a load off my shoulders! It is a good thing I didn't start out giving a weekly school report. I really take my hats off those who are doing that. For me, it will bring back those bad memories of my own teaching days in school... filling up the Teacher's Record Book for the Principal to check... Errrhh!! :-D

I thought I would share here how I approach blogging in general.

I write as and when ideas come to me. As such, I always have a few drafts going at any one time. I post when any of them is completed.

For example, at the moment, I am working on a post on our chapter on Stem/Trees for our Botany lessons. But it takes us more than 5 sessions to complete the topic. Every time we do something on this topic, I will record it in my draft for Stem/Trees. I am not posting yet because I have not found the time to put the pictures in... and I think I need one or two more sessions to wrap the chapter up...

There are also times when I have a few posts ready to be published. I don't like posting more than one post a day. So what I do is I schedule them to be published at a later date. Blogger automatically publishes these posts. So when you see a new post being published at a particular time, it really doesn't mean I am sitting at my computer blogging at that time!

There are times when I do post some more personal stuff and those are as recent as I can manage.

Ha!... I have just revealed some of my blogging secrets! I hope this will serve to encourage more homeschooling mothers to blog and share their homeschool days. It really isn't that tough!!! Own time own target... ... ... ;-)


  1. Cool! Thanks for the tip! I like to blog, too, but sometimes it took up more time than I actually intended to. :P


  2. Yeah! That's one "convert"! :-)
    Can't wait to read about what you are doing!!


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