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Sunday, March 1, 2009

Creepy Crawly Crabs and more

I have always hoped that my boys will not squeak or squirm when they handle insects or other small creatures. I don't. So I don't think that it is very "manly" to. Sometimes, they "disappoint" me by screaming when an ant crawl on them. Sometimes they surprise me.

That is my "brave" boy showing off his catch; a crab.

We went to East Coast Park with a few friends about 2 weeks ago. One of them knew of a particular part of the beach that has discharged pipes forming tidal pools during low tide. It was extremely slippery on the cemented surfaces due to algae growth. Despite falling and getting some bloody cuts, some of the children still persisted on continuing their hunt for crabs and other creatures.

This is a huge crab (about the size of my palm) that was hiding safely in its hole, out of our reach.

I was totally amused when my boys led out all their crabs when we got home. The crabs were crawling all over the place!!! My boys attempted to train the crabs, like how one would a dog!! It was hilarious to hear them shout commands like "Flip!", "Go!", "Stop!", "Stay still!", and even "Go forward!". Yes! We actually discovered that the crabs could crawl forward!! ... May be it was groggy after the manhandling. Haha!

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