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Friday, March 6, 2009

Free Lunchtime Concert Near Us

After my post Wild Hour 1, two ladies who live in the west of Singapore have commented that they were glad to know of such a gem of a place that is near them.

I think they will be delighted to know that I have just discovered another advantage of living in Jurong. :-)

A friend who lived in the NTU hostel had kindly informed me of a free weekly lunchtime concert there. So this Wednesday, we headed there to attend one by the NTU string orchestra. They played Concerto Grasso in C Major by Handel, Divertimento I by Mozart and Simple Symphony by Benjamin Britten. I have introduced Handel and Mozart by way of our Composer Study so my boys kind of grinned at me when they saw the program sheet.

The program next week looks interesting too; a jazz percussion performance! Looks like we will be attending these lunchtime concerts regularly. Especially since it is so nearby our place (less than 30 min by bus!).

I am hoping that my boys can be exposed to different genre of music through these concerts. I am thankful that such an opportunity is opened to us!

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