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Sunday, October 12, 2008

Art : Experiment with Wet-on-wet and Salt

My boys and I have been dabbling quite a bit with watercolours. It is quite a challenging medium to use. We decided to try out various techniques that we have read about.

This is our attempt at using the wet-on-wet technique. The paper is wet before paint is applied.

These are the results of sprinkling table salt onto a moist wash and left to dry. Notice the star-like patches.

These natural patterns can be useful for creating effects on actual paintings. I have seen it used in paintings of rocks and water sprays. We will need to experiment more by varying degree of wetness, amount of salt used, size of salt crystals etc. We did try some of these out and used up about 12 sheets of paper!

I am sure it has never occurred to you that Art can be quite a science as well!

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