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Thursday, October 2, 2008

English - Copywork & Dictation : Meadow People - The Lazy Snail

I read aloud a chapter, A Lazy Snail, from Among the Meadow People by Clara Dillingham Pierson. The boys then gave an oral narration of the chapter.

Here's the paragraph the boys had to copy and learn for dictation:
In the lower part of the meadow, where the grass grew tall and tender, there lived a fine and sturdy young Snail; that is to say, a fine-looking Snail. His shell was a beautiful soft gray, and its curves were regular and perfect. His body was soft and moist, and just what a Snail's body should be. Of course, when it came to travelling, he could not go fast, for none of his family are rapid travellers, still, if he had been plucky and patient, he might have seen much of the meadow, and perhaps some of the world outside. His friends and neighbours often told him that he ought to start out on a little journey to see the sights, but he would always answer, "Oh, it is too hard work!"

And the boys had to check the meanings of these words in the dictionary:
1. sturdy
2. regular
3. rapid
4. plucky
5. spells
6. rivulet

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