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Thursday, October 23, 2008

Mathematics : Geometry Session 2 - Triangles

This lesson is a continuation of my previous Geometry Session. (See my post on Geometry Session 1)

After a short review of the concepts covered in the previous session, I began with introducing different types of triangles, namely acute isosceles, obtuse isosceles, right-angle, equiangular/equilateral and scalene triangles.

Before this session, my boys have already had a chance to play around with a compass to draw circles. This time, I challenged them to construct an equilateral triangle with a fixed length. They tried hard but could only figure out how to construct an isosceles triangle. That was when I impressed them with how to construct an equilateral triangle using a compass and ruler.

They were excited and could not wait to try it out themselves! Thereafter, I gave them a large drawing paper and told them to construct many equilateral triangles. I needed these triangles for our next Art assignment ;-) Watch out for my post on that.

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