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Saturday, October 4, 2008

Life Skill : Peeling Orange

It is heartwarming to know that my boys are old enough to make themselves useful at home. Of course, they have been helping out around the house quite a fair bit with packing, cleaning, folding of laundered clothes and such tasks.

Recently, D has decided he wanted to try to peel an orange himself. He was motivated by his love for the fruit, a mama that is too lazy to peel for him :-p and a brand new peeler. He worked very hard at it; sprayed juice in his eyes and poked his fingers during the attempt. I was surprised that even after all that hard work, he was willing to share the orange with his brother and I. There were 10 wedges in it. He gave me 4, his brother 3 and 3 for himself! Wow, that was certainly good sharing! I am so proud of him.

D had been designated the officially orange peeler of our family! :-)

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