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Saturday, October 11, 2008

Science : Botany - Leaf Arrangement

We are still in the chapter on Leaf for our Botany study; going really slow here. There are just a number of concepts that will take time to digest. I feel that it will defeat the purpose if I just zoom through the chapter just to get it crossed on my checklist.

As it is now, we read about one concept, notebook about it, perform some little experiments, talk about it as we walk around and as I try to point out the relevance of what we have learnt in real life.

We are now on the topic of leaf arrangements, shapes and margins. Here is a sample of the notebook pages my boys did:

All the various arrangements, shapes and margin types are reinforced again as they match the Montessori style 3-part cards I made...

I found a Leaf Bingo Game from the internet that helps us with review. This added an element of fun. To play the game, players must know the meanings of such words as pinnate, palmate, serrated, monocot and compound leaves.

I didn't mind that the leaves used are all of native American trees/plants. It just turn out to be a good introduction to the American species that are so often mentioned in many books that we have read and are going to read anyway. Of course, it would be nice if we have a local version. I guess I can come up with one... if only I can find the time to do it!

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